These are download links for the ISOs of a portion of the magazine discs we have acquired in hopes of finding old versions of Yume Nikki. Some of them do contain them, others don't, but they all come with plenty of software, mostly not so well-known games from the early 2000s, so perhaps you'll find interesting stuff anyway!

Photo Name Contains Link
FreewareAlmanac2005 Yume Nikki 0.04 archive.org
FreeGameStation! vol.1 Yume Nikki 0.06 archive.org
FreeGameStation! vol.2 --- archive.org
Techwin DVD 2004/07 --- archive.org
Techwin DVD 2004/10 --- archive.org
Techwin DVD 2005/01 --- archive.org
Techwin DVD 2005/04 --- archive.org
Techwin DVD 2005/07 Cave Story archive.org
Techwin DVD 2005/10 Yume Nikki 0.07
Yume Nikki 0.08
Windows 100% super! deluxe vol.11 --- archive.org
iP! (アイピー) 2005年 09月号 雑誌 --- archive.org
フリーウェア・シェアウェアセレクション 2004年度版 --- archive.org mega.nz
Windowsでゲームざんまい 2005 --- archive.org mega.nz