Welcome to LaInvestigaci├│nYN's website!

We are a team of game preservationists whose purpose is to find, archive and document KIKIYAMA's lost works, mainly old versions of Yume Nikki. Since our foundation, we have recovered versions 0.04, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08 and 0.09.

In this website you will find our project's latest news and download links for the versions and ISOs we've obtained.

For more information, you may also check the following links:

  • Eloy: Yume Nikki Fangamer's YouTube channel
    Our team's founder and spokesperson's channel. His videos started the search for old versions and were the origin of what would eventually become the current team. Our newest findings are usually announced in his channel alongside this website.

  • LaInvestigaci├│nYN YouTube Playlist (Mostly Spanish)
    The videos that started it all. They cover the findings that we've chosen to publish, from when we had no old versions to the point we're at nowadays.

  • TCRF's Yume Nikki Articles
    In-depth information about the game. The Proto and Prerelease sections are specially recommended for their excellent coverage of old versions and pre-release content respectively.

  • Yume Nikki Wiki's Old Versions Article
    It summarizes the differences between the versions, as well as the story behind their discovery.

  • For inquiries about the project, you may contact us here:

    News Versions Discs